ATHRA members are now invited to apply for the Steam Locomotive Driver and the Steam Locomotive Fireman’s Training courses – by Email to Steve Deveson, ATHRA National Training and Assessment Coordinator MOB.0407528197 EMAIL:

The Training and Assessment Strategy documents linked here will explain the process:

The recently issued ONRSR Consultation draft on Locomotive Boilers recognises that these ATHRA courses and resultant certificates of attainment (as issued by an ATHRA qualified assessor) deliver all the AQF competency requirements for these roles in so far as ONRSR are concerned . Safework High Risk Work Licenses (Boiler and reciprocating engine driver certificates) represent additional but no longer essential qualifications for ONRSR competency assessments (subject to the operators current Safety Management System requirements).

However state legislation still requires operators of pressure vessels/steam boilers to have HRWs and the Heads of Safework Australia have invited us to apply for exemptions in each state. This will be assisted by the fact that our rail regulator no longer requires them.

SEPTEMBER 2017 update

Both the ATHRA Steam locomotive Driver and Steam Locomotive Fireman’s Training Courses are now completed.

Each course comprises:

  • Presenter’s Notes
  • Participant’s Workbook
  • On Job Workbook
  • Off Job Assessment
  • Off Job Assessment with Answers for the Presenter
  • Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)

The Competency Assessment Checklists at each level have also been developed

  • The Steam Fireman’s Competency Assessment Checklist has been trialled on several occasions, and competency units were awarded
  • The Steam Driver Competency Assessment Checklist has now also been trialled and two candidates successfully completed their assessments of competence

· ATHRA is developing a Document Control Register defining version identification and who has been issued with what training courses.

ATHRA will soon request nominations for Locomotive Steam Operations Workplace Trainer and Assessors nationwide. Two assessors have been appointed on an interim basis.