Safety Initiatives and changes to the Rail Safety National Law

On Tuesday 7 May 2024 ATHRA Australia hosted a briefing for members on safety initiatives and changes to the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) — particularly as they apply to tourist and heritage railways.

The online briefing briefing following recent announcements by the:

  • NTC (National Transport Commission) – changes to Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers
  • ONRSR (Office National Rail Safety Regulator) – Code of Practice, Level Crossings and Train Visibility.
Representatives from the NTC and ONRSR reported on how these changes may affect your rail operations. If you missed the briefing, or would like to watch it again…

(NOTE: the first 60-120 seconds of the briefing were not recorded)

The NTC briefing included mention of Authorised Health Professionals (AHP). To find an AHP near you, visit the Rail Industry Worker Program website.