ATHRA Australia Governance Manual


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Governance Manual

About the manual

ATHRA Australia’s constitution requires it to maintain a Governance Manual which includes policies and procedures relating to good governance and conducting the affairs of the association.

Title Document reference Issue date—— Issue number Summary
The association
Vision, mission and values GM-000 2023-05-23 1 Lists the vision, mission and values of ATHRA Australia
Code of ethics GM-002 2023-05-23 1 This code of ethics outlines the standard ATHRA Australia requires of its directors and all people undertaking activities on behalf of ATHRA Australia, to follow.
Conflict of Interest policy and procedure  GM-008 2024-04-08 1 Directors must keep the board advised, on an ongoing basis, of any interests that could potentially conflict, or could be perceived to conflict, with those of ATHRA Australia
Association meetings
Conduct of electronic ballots GM-004 2023-05-23 1 This is the procedure to be followed for conducting electronic ballots of members described in section 15 of the ATHRA Australia constitution
The board
Portfolios of Board Members GM-001 2023-05-23 1 Position descriptions for each member of the ATHRA Australia Board as required in section 17 of the ATHRA Australia constitution
Association records
Document Control GM-007 2024-04-08 1 This procedure describes the document control and approval system for ATHRA Australia documents.
Records to be maintained GM-003 2023-05-23 1 Describes the records to be maintained and arrangements for record storage and access
Financial management
Financial Management Procedures
GM-005 2023-12-11 1 Procedures for financial management of the Association
Out of Pocket Expenses Reimbursement Policy GM-006 2023-12-11 1 Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses by directors, employees and volunteers