ATHRA Membership

1898‐built ‘Leschenault Lady’ in steam at the South‐West Rail and Heritage Centre in Boyanup © Rail Heritage WA


ATHRA has 3 classes of membership:

    • Full Members: Full Members of ATHRA are the Tourist / Heritage Rail Organisations and defined as any organisation that owns or operates a rail business; that is an operating railway, tramway or street tramway, with a gauge greater than fourteen (14) inches, or a rail-related museum that conducts a tourist / heritage public business on its own right-of-way (or by agreement / contract / arrangement / lease on infrastructure owned / operated by a separate operator), or as a static museum.
    • Associate Members: Associate Membership of ATHRA is open to organisations and individuals that own or operate a tourist or heritage railway, tramway or museum and to not-for-profit organisations and individuals that have an interest in tourist and heritage railways or tramways.
    • Corporate Members: Corporate Membership of ATHRA is open to organisations that have an interest in the tourist and heritage rail sector and wish to demonstrate their interest in a tangible manner.